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201 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Prather, Living (I33049)
202 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Powell, Living (I33050)
203 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Powell, Living (I33051)
204 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Powell, Living (I33052)
205 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Cooper, Living (I33053)
206 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Cooper, Living (I33054)
207 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Heard, Living (I33055)
208 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Cooper, Living (I33056)
209 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Cooper, Living (I33057)
210 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Hill, Living (I33058)
211 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Tillery, Living (I33059)
212 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Nelson, Living (I33060)
213 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Hill, Living (I33061)
214 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Hill, Living (I33062)
215 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Hill, Living (I33063)
216 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Prather, Living (I33064)
217 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Prather, Living (I33065)
218 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Goddard, Living (I33066)
219 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Goddard, Living (I33067)
220 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Goddard, Living (I33068)
221 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Hendricks, Living (I33069)
222 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Prather, Living (I33070)
223 * Please note: Only SURNAMES are listed for individuals that are living due to security reasons * Prather, Living (I33091)
224 - 1st Earl of Sunderland
- 3rd Baron Spencer 
Sunderland, Henry Spencer, 1st Earl of (I20483)
225 - 3rd Duke of Marlborough
- 5th Earl of Sunderland 
Sunderland, Charles Spencer, 5th Earl of (I20511)
226 1 John BLAIR Birth: Abt. 1502 Of Blair, Ayr, Scotland Spouse: Margaret CUNNINGHAM Marriage: 23 Nov 1546 , Ayr, Scotland Margaret CUNNINGHAM Birth: Abt. 1506 Of Glengarnock, Ayr, Ayr, Scotland Father: William CUNNINGHAM son of John Blair presumably by his wife Helen Ross JOHN BLAIR of that Ilk, son of John Blair presumably by his wife Helen. John got a charter under the Great Seal--"Johanni Blair de eodem"-- of the five merk land of Dalquhone in Ayrshire, dated 12 Aug. 1540. He also got a charter of the nine merk land of Bogtown, Holmhead, and two third parts of the mill of Cathcart in Renfrewshire, dated 12 March 1544. He died in the end of the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots, and was succeeded by his son John. [ This second John Blair of that Ilk must be the one mentioned in SP VII p.251 as the husband of HELEN ROSS, daughter of John, 2nd. Lord Ross of Halkhead (who fell at Flodden 9 Sept. 1513), by his wife Christian Edmonstone of Duntreath, who was still living May 1551. ]
2 Egidia BLAIR Birth: Abt. 1478 , Ayr, Scotland married James Kennedy of the family of Cassilis
3 Elisabethae BLAIR Birth: Abt. 1480 , Ayr, Scotland married Ninian Stewart of Bute, mother of Ninian's son Robert Stewart
4 Margaret BLAIR Birth: Abt. 1505 , Ayr, Scotland m’d 1525 John Crawford. (JOHN CRAUFURD, 12th of Craufurdland, m. Margaret, dau. of John Blair of that Ilk, by the Lady Elizabeth (Should say Helen) Montgomery, dau. of the 1st Earl of Eglintoun, and d. in 1583) 
Blair, John IV (I27411)
227 1) Mary Alifair Caudill, born in December of 1870, in Johnson County, Kentucky,
died in May of 1945 at Van Lear in Johnson County, Kentucky,
married William G N Stambaugh;

2) Henry Martin Caudill, born November 10, 1873 in Johnson County, Kentucky,
died April 30, 1959 in Johnson County, Kentucky,
he married Matilda Jane Daniel;

3) Frances E Caudill, born June 23, 1879,
died December 23, 1965,
married George Arrowood;

4) Maude Amanda Caudill, born in July of 1882, died November 17, 1946 at Ashland, in Boyd County, Kentucky, married December 2, 1909, Luther Stambaugh; 5) Phoebe Caudill, born May 23, 1883 in Johnson County, Kentucky, and died December 29, 1967, she married first Chilt Ross, and second Frank Spradlin (number 59 of this chapter); 6) Jasper Cleveland Caudill, born in August of 1885, married second Vertie Daniel. 
Caudill, Winston C. "Wince" (I16614)
228 1. Ida Spradlin, born June 13, 1881, she died January 21, 1962. She married January 30, 1896, in Floyd County, Kentucky, Theodore Baldridge, born July 18, 1876, the son oFrank Baldridge and Mary Elizabeth Music.

2. Minnie Spradlin. no new information.

3. Frank Spradlin married Laura E Fairchild, the daughter of David May Fairchildand Elizabeth Alice "Eliza" Pel- phrey. Frank married second Phoebe Caudill, the daughter of Winston Caudill and Martha Chandler.

4. Laura Spradlin married T A "Bud" Spradlin.

5. Willie T Spradlin married first Dora Music, the daughter of George B McClellin Mus- ic and Sarah E Conley. He married second Amanda Jane Stephenan Coffee.

6. Cora Spradlin married Joseph Snipes, the son of (Unknown) Snipes and Elizabeth Hackworth.

7. Samuel "H T" Spradlin, born July 11, 1892, he died April 9, 1972. He married September 23, 1911, Virgie Katherine Hackworth, born April 14, 1896, on Abbott Creek, in Floyd County, Kentucky, she died October 21, 1986, the daughter of Kenith Franklin Hackworth and Catherine (Unknown). 
May, Amanda C. "Mandy" (I16385)
229 1. Anna Maria 1736
2. Maria Katharina 1738
3. Franz 1741-1741
4. Elisabeth 1742-1750
5. Anna Maria 1744 (1763) -1
6. Johannes 1747-/1803
7. Anna Magdalena 1750 (1767) -3
8. Johann Adam 1751-1815
9. Peter 1755-1760
10. Anna Margaretha 1757
11. Peter 1760
12. Katharina 1762-1763 
Family F14301
230 1. Johann Adam /1711
2. Maria Elisabeth /1712-1767
3. Maria Katharina /1714
4. Anna Walburga /1715
5. Nikolaus /1718
6. Anna Barbara /1719
7. Johann Adam /1722-1761
8. Franz Daniel /1724
9. Maria Magdalena /1726
10. Johann Peter /1729-1730 
Laveaux, Johann Daniel (Daniel Lawo) (I33251)
231 1. Johann Jakob /1700
2. Johann Heinrich /1702
3. Johann Jakob /1704-1760
4. Johannes /1707
5. Johann Valentin /1710
6. Anna Eva /1712
7. Maria Margaretha /1714
8. Johann Nikolaus /1718
9. Anna Maria ca 1720
10. Markus /1722
11. Johann Wilhelm /1726 
Muller, Johann Nikolaus (I33255)
232 1. Johannes Valentin 1722
2. Anna Maria 1724
3. Katharina 1726
4. Elisabeth Martha 1728
5. Johannes 1729 (1755)
6. Margaretha Ottilia 1731-1772
7. Johannes Wendelin 1734
8. Johannes Michael 1738-1746
9. Franz 1743
10. Anna Elisabeth 1748-1782 
Buser, Michael (I33311)
233 1. Leonard W May, born in October of 1987.
2. Bunyan May, born in June of 1894.
3. Kelly W May, born in June of 1896.
4. Stella M May, born in March of 1899.
5. Edgar May. no new information. 
May, Palmer G. "Farmer" (I23429)
234 1. Maria Katharina ca 1697
2. Johann Adam ca 1699-1760
3. Johannes Matthias 1706-1752
4. Johannes Paul 1708
5. Magdalena 1710-1749
6. Johannes Bartholomèaus 1712 (/1736) 
Orphey, Matthias (I33324)
235 1. Michael ca 1696-1773
(1719) -10
2. Johann Jakob ca 1701
3. Valentin 1704

4. Anna Margaretha 1707

5. Wendelin 1710-1745
(ca 1734) -5
6. Anna Elisabeth 1712

Strasser, Anna Katharina (I33292)
236 1. SOLOMON3 PHIPPS (JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born 1619 in England1, and died July 25, 1671 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts (g.s.)2. He married ELIZABETH WOOD before January 15, 1641/423, daughter of EDWARD WOOD and RUTH LEE ("Thomas Bellows Wyman, Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown..., calls her Ruth Mousall. Since Ruth Mousall Wood was living 13 April 1657 when her father, Ralph Mousall made his will, it is obvious that she married a different Wood." NEHGS register Vol 123 page 230). She was baptized October 22, 1620 in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England, and died November 01, 1688 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. He originally came from Bristol, England about 1641 and settled at Charlestown, Massachusetts. May 18, 1642, freeman's oath - admitted to the church in Charlestown, Mass., January 15, 1641-2. His wife, Elizabeth, became a member (as "Mother Phipps") March 15, 1642. Solomon Phipps was chosen, in 1647, Constable; in 1655, Surveyor; and in 1659, Selectman and Measurer of Boards, which latter offices he held almost continuously until 1669.
He was a carpenter. "By the selectmen ye 24 of ye VII month 1649 It was granted unto Solo Phips upon his pulling downe of ye hovell wch sett up upon sufferance upon the Comon before his house, to Improve a Plott of ground by it of 15 foot square to set a shop upon it, provided hee abide in the Towne seven yeares after hee hath sett up the shop."
Granted by town, 4 acres at Mystic side, afore granted Thomas Gould. Buys of John Gould, 6 acres. 1649 - 50, 1656.
Joseph Carter....Exchange with Solomon Phipps, J.C. of P., ___ p 3 ft. wide 6 poles deep late of A. Rand, at fence between Carter and Rand now R. Chalkley. J.C to Phipps, same amount out of Carter's garden between house of each, well to be common, 1650.
January 29, 1666, he had awarded him the job of new shingling the meeting-house.
He was employed by the town to finish the school-house, with a deed, 26 Oct., 1671, recorded in Boston or East Cambridge, Mass., for house and barn for the school-master, for which he was "to be paid for his said work according to the true value thereof."
His will of May 4, 1670, (proven Ocotber 14, 1671), ‘devised to wife, 1/2 estate. To daughter, Elizabeth Roy, 1 common on pasture bought of Mrs. Trerice, now Lynde. To Samuel, 1/16 of mill, he to be maintained at college till end of 4th year, when he is to commence bachelor; also meadow at Goodman Leach's; if he resides in Charlestown, to have my acre on top of hill, near Trainingfield, and house and common bought of Z. Symmes. To Joseph, house and 4 acres at Molton point, 3 haylots, 3 3/4 commons, 3 lots Mystic side, bought of R. Sowers and T. Wilder, the 3rd granted me: 1/2 marsh at burying hill, 1/16 mills, and what part I have in any vessels. To daughter Elizabeth Roy's child she is going with, 20 shilling. To daughter Mary Phipps' child she is going with, 20 shillings.’
Inventory, September 28, 1671: House and lands and close 200 lbs.; 4 acres Molton Point 40 lbs.; 1 acre by training place, and 5 3/4 commons, 38 lbs.; meadow by Goodman Leach and marsh at Burying - hill 27lbs.; 3 hay-lots and 3 wood-lots 25 lbs.; 1/8 of mills 100lbs.
Widow Elizabeth sold Josiah Wood, house and 1 acre - s.w., highway; n.e., field highway; n.w., Solomon P.; s.r., Jacob Green; 1678, recorded 1683.
Elizabeth, widow, to Josiah Wood, 1 1/2 acres--- NW, Solomon Phipps, near the bur. hill; E & NE, highway, Sarah Sweetser, E.C.; S & SW, Thomas Rand and the cove or creek from the sear; 1675-6. Same to same, lot--- N, R.C.'s house 66; s, T. Rand's pasture; front on road 66; 1676-7.
Widow Phipps and son Joseph, granted 3 3/4 commons 1681.
Solomon and wife Elizabeth are buried at the Phipps Street Burial Ground in Charlestown, MA.
"It is probable that the young brothers, Josiah and Thomas, lived with their sister Elizabeth after their parents deaths (in 1642) and learned the carpenter's trade from her husband." (NEHGS register Vol. 123 page 231) 
PHIPPS, Solomon (I16306)
237 1. Benjamin, who died in infancy.
2. Betsey, born 1785, married 29th March, 1798, Joshua Kindall, son of Job Kindall, of Burlington county, and had children:
1. John Marsh Kindall, married, 8th March, 1838, Nancy Ludlow, daughter of Joseph,
and had children:
1. Joshua;
2. Hannah Ludlow;
3. John Ludlow.
4. Sarah Anne.
2. Anne Doty Kindall married Ezra Wooden, son of Gideon, of Green Valley, and had
1. Elizabeth Wooden;
2. William Wooden;
3. Sarah Wooden;
4. Mariah Wooden;
5. Ludlow Wooden;
6. Martin Wooden;
7. Susan Wooden.

3. Margaret Kindall.
4. William Kindall, born 1823, has a daughter Frances, born March, 1843.
5. Elihu Kindall, who died of cholera, 10th July, 1849.
6. Eliza Kindall; 7. Mariah Kindall.

Mr. Joshua Kindall died 6th December, 1831, aged 51 yrs. 
Totten, John (I21603)
238 1. Betsey, who married John Putnam, son of Miles, live in Green Valley, near Plainfield,
C 1. Andrew Jackson Putnam;
C 2. Miles Putnam;
C 3. John Davis Putnam;
C 4. Randolph; Putnam;
C 5. Lewis Craig Putnam, twin to Randolph;
C 6. Mary Putnam;
C 7. Harriet Putnam.

2. David married Mary Anne Thompson, daughter of Jane, daughter of Hezekiah Thompson,
C 1. Jane;
C 2. Elias;
C 3. David.

3. Anne married Samuel Pangborn, of Green Valley,
C 1. Eli Pangborn;
C 2. Benjamin Pangborn;
C 3. John Pangborn;
C 4. Drake Pangborn;
C 5. Mary Adeline Pangborn;
C 6. Abel Stewart Pangborn.

4. James married Eliza Wood, daughter of Silas, of Logansville,
C 1. Phebe;
C 2. Mary Anne,
C 3. William;
C 4. Abby;
C 5. Ellen;
C 6. Catherine Elizabeth;
C 7. Carter; 8. Fanny.

5. Abby married Abel Stewart, son of William D. Stewart, Esq. [See Stewart.]

6. Eunice married Alexander Cameron, son of Elisha, of Sterling's Valley.

7. Joshua married, 1st, Emeline Foster; 2d, Caroline Spinning, daughter of John, of Elizabethtown,
C 1. Henry Francis;
C 2. John Spinning Totten.

8. Cornelius married Martha Jones, daughter of Thomas D. Jones,
C 1. Georgiana;
C 2. a daughter, who died young. 
Family F8255
239 1. Chlothar acceded 584 King of Neustria. After the nobles and Chlothardeposed Brunhilde and her grandson Theuderic II, they dictated toClotaire (Chlothar II) the terms of victory and he accepted them in thecelebrated edict of 614, at least a partial capitulation of Frankishroyalty to the nobility. The king promised to withdraw his counts fromthe provinces under his rule, i.e. he was virtually to abandon theseparts to the nobles, who were also to have a voice in the selection ofthe prime minister or "mayor of the palace", as he was then called. Helikewise promised to abolish the new taxes and to respect the immunity ofthe clergy, and not to interfere in the elections of bishops. He had alsoto continue Austrasia and Neustria as separate governments. Thus endedthe conflict between the Frankish aristocracy and the monarchical power;with its close began a new period in the history of the Merovingianmonarchy. As time went on royalty had to reckon more and more with thearistocracy. The Merovingian dynasty, traditionally accustomed toabsolutism, and incapable of altering its point of view, was graduallydeprived of all exercise of authority. In the shadow of the throne thenew power continued to grow rapidly, become the successful rival of theroyal house, and finally supplanted it. The great power of thearistocracy was vested in the mayor of the palace (major domus),originally the chief of the royal household. During the minority of theFrankish kings he acquired steadily greater importance until he came toshare the royal prerogative, and eventually reached the exalted positionof prime minister to the sovereign. The indifference of the latter,usually more absorbed in his pleasures than in public affairs, favouredthe encroachments of the "mayor of the palace", and this office finallybecame the hereditary right of one family, which was destined to replacethe Merovingians and become the national dynasty of the Franks. Such thenwere the transformations which occurred in the political life of theFranks after the downfall of Brunehilde and during the reign of ClotaireII (Chlothar II) (614-29). While this king governed Neustria he wasobliged, as has been said, to give Austrasia a separate government, hisson Dagobert becoming its king, with Arnulf of Metz (Arnold, SaintArnulf) as councillor and Pepin of Landen (Pepin I, The Old) as mayor ofthe palace (623). These two men were the ancestors of the Carolingianfamily. Arnulf (Arnold, Saint Arnulf) was Bishop of Metz, though residentat court, but in 627 he resigned his episcopal see and retired intomonastic solitude at Remiremont, where he died in the odour of sanctity.Pepin, incorrectly called of Landen (since it was only in the twelfthcentury that the chroniclers of Brabant began to associate him with thatlocality), was a great lord from Eastern Belgium. With Arnulf (Arnold,Saint Arnulf) he had been at the head of the Austrasian opposition toBrunehilde. Neustria, Chlothar II Merouing, King of Franks, (I27559)
240 1. Dagobert acceded 629 King of Austrasia. On the death of Clotaire II(Chlotar II), Dagobert I, his only heir, reestablished the unity of theFrankish monarchy and took up his residence in Paris, as Clovis(Chlodovech I) had done in the past. He too was soon forced to giveAustrasia a separate government, which he confided to his son SigebertIII (from Ragnetrud), with Cunibert of Cologne as his Councillor andAdalgisil (Anchises or Ansegisel), son of Arnulf of Metz (Arnold, SaintArnulf) and son-in-law of Pepin (Pepin Martel, Martel of Heristal, fromPepin I's daughter Doda), as mayor of the palace. Pepin Pepin Martel),who had lost royal favour, was temporarily deprived of any voice in thegovernment. The reign of Dagobert I was one of such great pomp andoutward show, that contemporaries compared it to that of Solomon;however, it marked a decline in the military prowess of the Franks. Theysubdued, it is true, the small nations of the Bretons and Basques, butwere themselves beaten by the Frankish merchant Samo, who had created aSlavonic kingdom on their eastern confines. Dagobert relieved thesituation only by exterminating the Bulgars who had taken refuge inBavaria. Like most of his race, Dagobert was subject to the females ofhis family. He died young and was buried in the celebrated Abbey ofSaint-Denis which he had founded and which subsequently became theburial-place of the kings of France. After his death Austrasia andNeustria (the latter united with Burgundy) had the same destiny undertheir respective kings and mayors of the palace. Austrasia, Dagobert I of the Franks, King of (I27563)
241 1. Esther KILGORE (Robert , Robert , John ) was born about 1762 in Washington, Russell Co Virginia. She died about 1825 in Callaway, Harlan County, Kentucky. She was buried in Kirby Cemetery, Callaway, Bell County, Kentucky.

Esther married Lewis J. GREEN Jr. son of Lewis J. GREEN Sr. and Elizabeth LAUDERDALE about 1780 in Washington County, Virginia. Lewis was born on 5 May 1751 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. He died after 10 Jun 1835 in Callaway, Harlan County, Kentucky. He was buried in Kirby Cemetery, Callaway, Bell County, Kentucky.

A Lewis Green was listed in 1790 and 1795 Russell Co., Virginia Personal Property Tax List. Upper District

Lewis, Jr. was a Revolutionary War Veteran from Virginia. He was one of the first settlers on the Cumberland River. He lived in what is now Calloway, Bell Co., Kentucky. He was buried at what used to be Old Meeting House Branch, now Callaway. During US119 construction in 1960 in the Calloway area, his grave was relocated on land which belonged to John Matt Pursiful, just outside of the private cemetery known as Newt Creek Cemetary. He had been in Kentucky with some of Daniel Boone's scouting parties, and returned there as a surveyor and acquired the property from the top of Pine Mountain to the Cumberland River. Tan Yard Hill was part of his property and got it's name from the tanning vats used in curing animal skins. He was an Indian spy and Scout.


In order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress of the 7th of June 1832-State of Kentucky, county of Harlan, on this 4th of November 1833, personally appeared before the undersigned and acting Justice of the Peace for Harlan County, Lewis Green a resident of the Cumberland River; in the County of Harlan, and the State of Kentucky age 82 years the 5th of May last, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make this following declaration, in order to benefit of the promissory made by the act of Congress..June 7, 1832, that I enlisted in the spring of 1776, as well as I remember, in the county of Russell and state of Virginia on the Clinch River, about nine miles from the county seat, for and during the Revolutionary War, under John Blakeman, William Moore; Lieutenant Joseph Moore; brother of William Ensign, Isaac Shelby.

I was forted at Blakeman's Fort on the Clinch River. Afterwards I was forted at Duncan's Fort also, about ten miles higher up on the Clinch River.

Our constant business was to guard the frontier from the Indians. I can give no distinct history of my service for it was one continual employment from these forts to scout the surrounding country, and spy out the hiding places of the Indians, and keep them from annoying the frontier settlement. I served seven years, and was discharged when the war was over, which was in 1783.

I have no record of my age as I have lost my discharge. I need a written discharge for my services in the Revolutionary War, signed by Shelby.

I never was in a general battle, but many of the times, when in the discharge of my duties as a spy in reconnorting the surrounding country, that my fellow soldiers, when least expecting it, fell by my side.

I do not know of any soldiers by whom I could prove my service. If Congress had passed this law a few years earlier, I could have found witnesses a plenty, but now, if any with whom I served are living, it is unknown to me.

After my enlistment, I served under different captains, but I remember none other than Shelby.

I was living in Russell County, Virginia when I enlisted in the Revolutionary War.

I am known to Rev. James Hall, Jacob Saylor, Parker Howard, William Howard, and many others who would testify to my character for veracity and their belief of my services as a soldier of the Revolutionary War.

I hereby relinquish my claim to a pension or assuming accept the payment, and declare that my name is not on the pension roll or agency of any state --- I further declare that from old age and bodily infirmity, I am not able to travel to the court house, a distance of seventeen miles, from where I live.

Sworn to and submitted the day and year aforesaid. (Signed) Lewis Green

We James Hall a clergyman residing in Harlan County, Kentucky, about two miles from the above applicant and William D. Green, residing in the same county and state hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Lewis Green, having known him twenty-one years, who has submitted and sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be eighty two years of age-that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides; to have been a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and that we concede in that opinion.

Signed and sworn to this day and year above written before.

Elijah Green-

Justice of Peace

James Hall

William D. Green

And I do hereby declare my opinion, that after the investigation of the matter and after putting this interrogation prescribed by the War Department, that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary War soldier, and served as he states, and that from bodily infirmity, he is unable to attend court, being a distance of seventeen miles--and further certify that James Hall who has signed the foregoing certificate is a clergyman of my own knowledge, and that he together with William Green (Article ends)"

Lewis and Esther had the following children:

+ 30 F i Elizabeth GREEN
+ 31 M ii James GREEN
+ 32 M iii Elijah H GREEN
+ 33 M iv Elisha GREEN
+ 34 F v Mary Rutha GREEN
+ 35 M vi William GREEN
+ 36 F vii Sarah GREEN
+ 37 F viii Esther GREEN
+ 38 M ix Lewis GREEN III
+ 39 M x Robert GREEN 
Kilgore, Esther (I28430)
242 1. Lula "Loulie" Kendrick married Malcomb Hubbard, the son of James Hubbard and Catherine McKee.

2. Eva Kendrick married Jefferson Crider, the son of James Crider and Sarnia Spears.

3. Pearlie Kendrick married Elijah Goble, the son of Isaac Goble and Susan Woods.

4. Bascome Kendrick. no new information.

5. Martha J Kendrick married John W Harris, the son of Kelsey Harris and Jane (Un- known)

6. Nettie Kendrick married Ance Goble, the son of Isaac Goble and Susan Woods.

7. J Cleveland Kendrick married Lou Anis Burchett.

8. Rosie Kendrick married William "Willie" Goble, the son of Isaac Goble and Susan Woods.

9. John Kendrick. no new information.

10. Della Kendrick married Thomas B Patton, the son of Jefferson Patton and Jane Campbell.

11. Kelly Kendrick married Alice Mosley. 
May, Dicie (Dicey) E. (I16384)
243 1. Nancy, who married William Ayers, son of David, of Union,
C 1. Lewis Ayers, born 1835;
C 2. Mary Jane Ayers, born 1838.

2. Silas married Adeline Mc Cormic.

3. Freeman married Jane Whitenack,
C 1. Eugene;
C 2 Sarah Elizabeth;
C 3. Thomas;
C 4. Linus.

4. Linus, who died at about 17 years.
5. Jane married William Fulkerson.
6. William married Eliza Squier, daughter of John.
7. Hervey;
8. George Washington,
9. John Henry, twins.
10. Jackson. 
Totten, James (I21617)
244 1. William CLAYTON/CLEATON, 10208, M. ? Born ca 1667 in England.
William died in Richmond Co.,Va in 1705; he was 38.

25 Mar 1651 - Virginia - William Clayton transported to Northumberland
Co.,Va. with 13 others by Thomas Thornbrough, who got 700 acres near the
Nomeny River. (I have reservations about this being the father of
Stephen Clayton because of the year discrepancy. This William may be the
grandfather of Stephen..)

2 Oct 1663 - Virginia - William Clayton and William Wright, Edward
Washington, Margaret Powell among 40 persons transported by Robert Pitt
for 3,000 acres in Accomac Co.,Va. (I have reservations about this
being the father of Stephen Clayton because of the year discrepancy.
This William may be the grandfather of Stephen..)

1694 - Richmond Co.,Va. - Deed for land formerly purchased by William
Clayton on the Totuskey. (I have reservations about this being the
father of Stephen Clayton because of the year discrepancy. This William
may be the grandfather of Stephen..)

1705 - William Clayton with 50 other merchants and planters sign Petition.

9 Nov 1705 - Richmond Co.,Va. - Will of William Cleaton
In the name of God Amen, I William Cleaton of the County of Richmond in
Virginia Being Sick and weak in body but with sound mind and memory and
knowing the ftraylty of this life has & made this my Last Will and
Testament, first I bequeath my soul to God that Gave it me in Sure and
Certain hopes of the Resurrection mentioned by the death of our Blessed
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and my Body to be buryed in such manner as
the friends that I know shale think fitt and after my debts are payd. for
that finale? Estate that it hath pleased God to possess me with all I
Good in manner and forme following viz

plantation and Land that I now live on to them and their heirs Lawfully
begotten of them & then to be Equally Divided Between those two when they
Come to the age of Seventeen, but if they are taught to read and write
then it Shall not be till they come to nineteen years of age.

Item. I give unto my DAUGHTER MARY CLEATON one young mare branded with a
K with all her future increase to be given when she comes to the age of
Sixteen or day of marriage.

Item. I Give unto my SON WILLIAM CLEATON a Chest that hath my name and
date enggraved upon it and an Iron pot stille? to be given when he comes
to the age of seventeen, but if taught to read and write then not till he
comes to the age of nineteen.

Item. I give unto my Two DAUGHTERS ELIZABETH and HANNAH CLEATON Each of
them a two year old Heifer to be given when they come to the age of
Sixteen or day of marriage.

Item. I given unto my SON ALEXANDER CLEATON my Spoone Moulds and if he
dyed before STEPHEN then is my will that STEPHEN shall have the moulds
and if WILLIAM CLEATON is the Longest Lived then he and his heirs shall
possess the moulds.

Item. I given unto my WIFE all the Rest of my Estate and Lastly I make my
WIFE my Sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament making VOID all
other wills heretofore made by me. In Confirmation hereof I have
interchangeably sett my hand and Seal this the nineth day of December

William (X) Cleaton SEAL*
Witnesses: John Leaman(?)
William Linton
William Landsman

the words he dyed underlined before Signed.

Proved in Richmond Court by the oaths of Wm. Lynton and William Landsman
the 6th day of March 1705 & recorded.

Test. B. S. Sherloik C. Clerk (?) 
Clayton, William Cleaton - (I28422)
245 1.) b. in 1375, an extract from Burkes Heraldry: 'In the beginning of the reign of Henry V. (1413- 1422) a certain knight-errant of Aragon, having passed through divers countries, and performed many feats of arms, arrived here in England, where he challenged any man of his rank and quality to make a trial of his skill at arms. This challenge was accepted by Sir Robert Cary, between whom a cruel encounter and a long and doubtful combat was waged in Smithfield, London. But at length this noble champion vanquished the presumptuous Arragonois, for which King Henry V, restored unto him a good part of his fathers lands, for which his loyalty to Richard II, he had been deprived of by Henry IV.

2.) He was authorized to bear the arms of a Knight of Aragon, which the noble posterity wear to this day. For according to the Laws of Heraldry , whosoever fairley in the field conquers his adversary may justify the wearing of his arms.'

Another account is so quaint that it is placed before the reader.
"In the time of Henry V came out of Arragon a lusty gentleman into England, and challenged to do feites of armes with any English gentleman without exception. This Robert Cary hearing thereof, made suite forthwith to the Prince, that he might answer the challenge, which was granted, and Smithfield was the place appointed for the same, who, at the date and time prefixed, both parties mett and did performe sundrie feates of armes, but in the end this Robert gave the foils and overthrow to the Arragon Knight, disarmed and spoiled him, which his doinge so well pleased the Prince, that he receyved him into great favor, caused him to be restored to the most part of his father's landes, and willed him also for a perpetuall memorie of his victorie, that he should henceforth give the same armes as the Arragon Knight, which both he and all his successors to this day enjoyed, which is Argent, on bend sable three roses argent for before they did bears, gules, chevron entre three swans argent."
--Herald's Visitation 1620.

Motto: Virtute Excerptae. "Plucked by Valor." 
Knight, Sir Robert Cary, (I25394)
246 1.) Reign of Henry III and Edward I. de Kary, William (I25427)
247 1750. He lived with his parents, in the city, until he was about twenty years old. His parents were very wealthy, and kept him in school from the time he was old enough, and consequently, he had a fine education. There where, about this time, a large number of emigrants from England to the colonies in North America. His desire being to come to America. His parents tried to persuade him from coming, but seeing their persuasion proved futile, they furnished him with ample means for his passport and to supply him for a good while after leaving port.

He traveled a great deal and finally located in Culpepper County, Virginia where he was married to Margaret Cromwell, about the year 1774, a short time before the war between Great Britain and the Colonies.

Served under General George Washington and was appointed Commissary, which position he held during the service. He was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, October 19, 1781. Soon after the was, William moved to Eastern North Carolina with his little family, remaining a short time. Hearing of a county in Southwest Virginia, called Clinch River, where land was good, range fine and game plenty; bear, deer and wild turkeys in abundance; with these inducements, Williams and twelve other families came to Southwest Virginia. They made their exodus in the summer of 1785, bringing their horses and cattle with them and located in Russell County, Virginia, north of the mountain in the valley near Hayter's Gap.

September 9, 1783, William and Margaret moved to Caswell County, North Carolina, where a son was born. Here they remained until early 1785 when they moved to the Hayter's Gap section of Washington County, Virginia. They settled in an area today known as Addington Cove, where a small stream known as Addington Branch has its headwaters. This area still echoes the memory of their early settlement. condition which will plague him for the rest of his life.

On November 4,1799 William withdraws his entry of 100 acres made on July 26, 1792 and reenters his 100 acres on the top of War Gap Ridge, near Jacob Crabtree. It is probable that this move was done to be nearer to Margaret's brother Charles Cromwell, who was also a resident of the War Gap Ridge Section, having moved there prior to 1785. mentioned in any of the Russell County Records.

On July 12, 1802,William was admitted to the Lunatic Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia. William appears on a list of patients at the Hospital from 1800 to 1815.He was being treated for melancholy, today more commonly known as depression. construct a coffin for him. He was buried on the ground of the Hospital. There now stands a Memorial to all that were buried there. The sit is now the National Center for State Courts. 
Addington, William L (I28117)
248 1856-1996 history of Leudelange
Gemeng Leideleng- 1856-1996

Martin, Merten 
Lucius, Martinus (Martin) (I26604)
249 1860 Magoffin Co., Kentucky Census: SALYER, Abner, Sr., age 58, with wife Nancy Hale, H10 Salyer, Abner B. (I2455)
250 1860 Seneca Co. Ohio
Household 704-691
Page 195, 12 July
Hopewell Township

Jacob Kuhn, 27
farmer $300, N. Y.

Gertrude, 21, Germany
md, in census year 
Kuhn, Johan Jacob (I554)

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