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51 Found an addition to Henry the middle initial (C) in Morg a n Co. marriages in Frankfort,Ky. Alex and Sela Phipps we re witnesses at He nry's and Rachel's marriage at Lucinda P erkins's house ? by W.R. Davis. Henr y is buried in the Nic kell-Amyx Cemetery lot #68. OSBORNE, Henry Clay (I15874)
52 Found Rachel in Morgan Co.,Kentucky marriages record s a s a Perkins to Henry C. Osborn M. 02/13/1881. PERKINS, Rachel Frances (I15873)
53 Found Solomon spelled Saul also,their marriage is liste d i n a book. entitled "EARLY EAST TENNESSEE MARRIAGES" Vol s 1 & 2 publis hed by Byron Sistler & Associates. Taken fro m the "PERKINS PRESS " pub. by Jennifer H. Perkins........1 994 <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><<><><><><><> <><><><><><><

E-mail dated 26 Mar 2002 Hi Pam, My 3rd Great Grandfather w as Solomon Perkins of Ashe Co., NC. We believe he was bor n abt 1816, NC and died aft 1880 in WV. A son was William A . Perkins b. Jul 5, 1858, Ashe Co., NC and d. May 3, 1918 , Nicholas Co., WV. I have been searching for the parents o f Solomon for some time. I note in your info that Luther Pe rkins was father to a Solomon Perkins. Your Solomon was mar ried to Rebecca Brown.

This is what I have been able to determine:

Solomon Perkins is listed in the 1850 Ashe Co., NC census l iving with wife Rebecca. Living with them was a daughter R ? age 1/2. Later in 1880 Nicholas Co., WV census, Solomon i s listed living with a new wife - Samantha and two young ch ildren - Mary E and Martha H. Perkins. Also living with Sol omon and Samantha were William (my 2nd Great) and his broth er Madison age 28/30. The dots do seem to connect to your S olomon (son of Luther). Can you be of any help in my search ? The WV census shows Solomon's father from NC and his moth er from WV (Susan Stamper?) Any help you can add would be d eeply appreciated. We thought that Solomon was married t o a Phipps and I note you have many Phipps in your file bu t not connected to Solomon. Thanks in advance.

Butch Willard 
PERKINS, Soloman (I15838)
54 full blooded cherokee indian Michales, Nancy Christean (I30648)
55 full blooded cherokee indian Mikeal, Johan Frederick (Micheal) (I30697)
56 full blooded cherokee indian Baker, Elizabeth (Christina) (I30698)
57 Gallus Maurilion Magnus, Gallus (I29290)
58 Grandpa began working for the Union Pacific Railroad as a m achinest in 1922,and he worked for the railroad for 45 year s. Grandpa and grandma were members of Eastern Star, Masons ,.and the Golden Agers Club. They enjoyed for many years Hu nting and fishing in Wyoming, and considered that to be the ir favorite pastime. COX, Courtney Aris (I15571)
59 grave is unmarked and located in the rows behind the office. PHIPPS, George (I15233)
60 Grave stone can't be read. Millie's death certificat e # 3 9 19020 she was born Fayette Co. From Millie's deat h certificat e I got this info. she was 58 yrs old at tim e of death plus 2-months & 9-days . Her Mother & Father als o listed on certificate. Her place of residence was Peyt o n Ky. in Morgan Co. RICHARDSON, Millie Belle (I15857)
61 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. May, Harry Edgar (I33520)
62 He and his mother died at his birth. Bruner, Joseph Stanley (I19235)
63 He died during World War II. He was a Staff Sergeant in Company E, 120th Infantry, "Old Hi ckory Division", 30th Division. He was brought back and buried at Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jef fersonville, Clark County, Indiana.

Buried: Section R, Lot 81 
Bruner, William Emory (I19296)
64 He held the title of King of the Franks between 877 and 879.1 He held the title of Holy Roman Emperor between 878 and 879.1 Weblinks: France, Louis II "le Begue, The Stammerer", King of (I25819)
65 He served in the Civil War twice. He enlisted, 31 May 1861, in the 1st Pa Resvs. Inf at Chester, Pa. as Collins D. Walker. He became very ill riding in an open train car from Harrisburg, Pa. to Annapolis Junction, Md. in the rain. They discharged him expecting him to die. He went home and was nursed back to health by his step-father Elias Pierce.
In the following spring he went to Philadelphia, Pa. and joined the 17th PA Cav. using the name William C. Walker. He was discharged in 1865.
In 1872 he is living in Marion, Va. and using the name Samuel Henry Pierce. He married Lucinda Mcghee there and on the marriage license he said his age was 24 when it was actually 34. She was 17 years old. They moved from Va. to W Va. where they lived for about 25 years. All their children were born in W V a.
They then moved to Dayton Ohio. Eventually he lived at the National Soldiers Home. He was an educated man and became a Building Officer.
The only child that came with them to Ohio was Edwin "Arthur" Emerson Pierce. He was their youngest child.
This info obtained from the Nat'l Archives Pension Records. There is an affidavit from his step-father Elias Pierce stating that Samuel is who he says he is and that he is the only father that Samuel aka Collins ever knew and that he took the name of Pierce of his own free will. There is also an affidavit from Samuel stating his children's names, birth date and the girls married names. There is also quite extensive military medical records & pension records. 
Walker, Collins Denny (I20804)
66 He was a City Engineer in Des Moines, Iowa for 28 years. Tippie, John M. (I19167)
67 He was briefly the chamberlain of Louis the Pious Barcelona, Bernard, Count of (I30523)
68 Henrietta raised her youngest children - Lewis, Paul and Do n virtually by herself. She never remarried after her divo rce from Lewis Carter Casinger. WERLAND, Henrietta Marie (I15009)
69 His parents were Dutch Reformed, but the services were performed only in Dutch. He spoke on ly English so he did not attend church after leaving home. Was "forced" to leave home at age of 15 to make his own way in the world. He was a non-practicing Dutch Reformed

He is buried in Section R, Lot 60 
Engle, John Peter (I19205)
70 How the his headstone it reads "Home is the Hunter" STINSON, Lewis Earl (Kink) (I14675)
71 I found a Jasper Perkins born 03/17/1874 died 07/27/1887,m i ght be this one buried in Nickell Cemetery Located abou t 3-tenth s of a mile N.E.of mouth of Meadow Branch off hig hway 844. Birthdate 07/mar/1874 taken from Mormon records p age 9,95 3 microfilch. So the 07 or 17 could be misprinte d or typed. PERKINS, Jasper L. (I15847)
72 i. Henry Sullivan PATRICK was born on 30 Aug 1817 in Smyth County, Virginia. He died in 1884 in Smyth County, Virginia.
62 ii. Harvey George PATRICK.
iii. Susanna PATRICK was born on 11 Nov 1821 in Smyth County, Virginia.
iv. Mary C. PATRICK was born on 10 Apr 1824 in Smyth County, Virginia.
v. Robert J. PATRICK was born on 15 Dec 1825 in Smyth County, Virginia.
vi. Celia Ann PATRICK was born on 20 Mar 1827 in Smyth County, Virginia.
vii. Leveniah PATRICK was born on 12 Nov 1829 in Smyth County, Virginia.
viii. Lorena Butler PATRICK was born on 12 Dec 1831 in Smyth County, Virginia. She died on 8 May 1888 in Tazewell County, Virginia.
ix. Charles Edward PATRICK was born on 25 Jan 1833 in Smyth County, Virginia. He died on 6 Dec 1900 in Pierce County, Nebraska. He was buried in Stanton County, Nebraska.
x. Isaac Leander PATRICK Jr. was born on 7 Jan 1836 in Smyth County, Virginia.
xi. Greenberry J. PATRICK was born on 25 Apr 1838 in Smyth County, Virginia.
xii. Margaret PATRICK was born on 12 Jan 1841 in Smyth County, Virginia.
xiii. Hezekiah Thomas PATRICK was born on 5 Jan 1843 in Smyth County, Virginia. 
Butler, Margaret (I27992)
73 In 1910 Census of Breathitt County,Ky. I found J.C. Perki n s and family listed as this. 187-187Perkins Jeptha C... ................................... 30 Lou................. ....................................... ..... 24 Samul..... ................................................. ... 04 Rh oda...................................................... . .. 01Was told my Mother (Nora May Perkins)(Little) that " Uncle Jep was an awful big man in body" and was kind a ruff. PERKINS, Jeptha Canaan (I16012)
74 In the 1880 census of Morgan County,Ky. I found Loucinda a n d her family as follows.. Lou C. Perkins..............f.. ...........40 N.C. Alexander............................... ....25 N.C. Mahala E....................................1 6 Ky. John T.........................................13 Ky . Doctor.........................................12 Ky. Jam es.........................................11 Ky. PHIPPS, Lucinda "Cindy" (I15811)
75 In the fall of 1887, the entire Joseph and Mary Zimmerman family, along
whith Mary's mother Rosa Mutschler, went to Oregon and the Sublimity
area. Agatha played the organ and husband John Kintz played the violin.
Agatha was a small petite lady, barely five feet tall, who filled her home
with love and gentle caring. Her only quirk seemed to be her fear that her
children or grandchildren maght inherit her red hair. Fortunately for her
this did not occur until after her death. 
Zimmerman, Agatha (I16949)
76 indicated as 1870/1879 PHIPPS, George Washington (I16179)
77 indicated as early 1890's ELAM, Monrova (I15981)
78 indicated as mid 1920's ELAM, Monrova (I15981)
79 Information on this Mary wife of Benjamin Runyon seems to h ave originated from Page 627 of "First Settlers of Ye Plant ation of Piscataway and Woodbridge" by Orra Eugene Monnett e who says Benjamin left a Widow, Mary, who immediatly marr ied William Fish, who died soon & then Mary immediatly marr ied Joseph Furman. It has been shown that Monnette's work h ad many outright errors and inconsistencies.

Amali (Runyon) Perkins provided me with a xerox copy of inf ormation she had copied at Rutgers University concerning th e estate of Benjamin, which supports Monnette's account o f this Mary. The copied information says:

"1746-7, March 3, Runion (Runyon), Benjamin, of Somerset Co . Int. Inventory ... includes gun, sword and halbert, one w hite stallion. made by Zebulon Stout and Benjamin Rounsaval l.

1747, Dec. 4. Bond of Mary Fish, of Somerset County, widow , as administratrix. James Clark, of New Windsor, Middlese x Co., farmer surety. Witness - William Coxe.

1756, April 19. Account of Josiah Furman and Mary his wife , late Mary Fish, and James Clark administrators of the est ate..."
provided by Ira A. Runyan via RootsWeb Posting. 
Mary (I19108)
80 James"s death certificate says 86 yrs old at the time of d e ath. PERKINS, James Calvin "Preacher Jim" (I15952)
81 Jennie was 78 yrs. old at time of death. OSBORNE, Jennie Mae (I15914)
82 John along with Hugh Dunn & Edmund Dunham presumably starte d holding some sort of meetings for religious teaching in P iscataway about 1669 & did so for about 2 yr when a Baptis t congragation was organized & John became the 1st pastor ( The Beginnings of Three New Jersey Family Lines, Runyon Dun n Drake p 16). P 25 says John b. Portsmouth @ 1655. He past ored over 50 yr.; was member of Assembly 1693; Town Clerk 1 695. John may have md. 3rd time & moved to Essex Co., towar ds end of his life. Will said of Essex, yoeman. Drake, John (I19068)
83 Johnny Cash's first wife, Vivian Liberto, died Tuesday (May 24) in California at age 71 following a battle with cancer. The couple met during his military duty at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio before marrying and settling in Memphis in 1954, prior to his first recordings for Sun Records. In addition to singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash, they had three other daughters -- Kathleen, Cindy and Tara. They divorced in 1966, and he married June Carter in 1968. In October 2004, Liberto -- by then known as Vivian Liberto Distin -- asked the city of San Antonio to give her a bench into which Cash had carved the words "Johnny Loves Vivian" in 1951. City officials declined her request, removed the bench from the city's downtown Riverwalk and placed it under lock and key. Liberto, Vivian (I31887)
84 Killed on Cumberland Mt. by bandits. PHIPPS, Ruffus (I14432)
85 Marion F. Perkins,brother of John Sylvester Perkins His dea th certificate # 45 22105, states he was 92 at tim e of dea th. PERKINS, Marion F. (I15917)
86 Married by Rev. E. C. Montgomery. Edith Marie Bruner and Wendell Lentz Fry were the attenda nts. Family F7215
87 Married by Rev. E. C. Montgomery. Joetta and Everett Fry were their attendants. They had n o children. Family F7216
88 Mary A. Perkins buried in Perkins Cemetery Morgan Co.Lo t # 74 January 22,1993 I have a Mary A. Perkins daughter o f Thomas and Cindar Perkins born North Carolina. died Jun e 10,1901 PERKINS, Mary Ann "Polly" (I15835)
89 Monroe,was a Rev. of what church I don't know. PERKINS, Monroe (I15856)
90 Never Married Prather, Jessie Marie (I19156)
91 No place of birth indicated by this source. PHIPPS, Minnie (I15555)
92 of Wycombe Basset, Alan (I29247)
93 originally had 1881 PHIPPS, George (I15233)
94 Originally indicated as 1918. WADE, Dorothy (I15236)
95 Otho S. Perkins .. His death certificate # 26 12842,filed 1 947. He was 49 yr s old at time of death. PERKINS, Otho Shelby (I15915)
By Jeffery Parker, 1986,
Grandson of Sam Henry Merl May

Papa May was a hard workin' country boy
Who grew up in Appalachia
Back in the days when times were hard
And there were certain things you needed to know
Like how to see a squirrel high up in a tree
a shot gun to bring him down
Or how to track a rabbit in the snow
And twist him right out of the ground.

Papa was born at the turn of the century
In 1899. He was the father of 13 children
He raised them in the hardest time
Jessie Johnson was the pride of his life
In 1918 he made her his wife
13 children, 66 years later Grandma she died

Well, he stayed at her grave side days,
Weeks at a time.
And if you speak about her to this very day
You can see the tear well. up in his eyes.

Well, I'm really proud of old Papa May
think he's a heck of a man
He's 93, he's still goin' strong
And he'll outlive me if he can
You got to get up early and try
Pretty hard to beat old Papa May
Cause he's been down some roads
And walked a few miles
And lived a lot of life in his day

Papa was a hard workin' country boy
He plowed the fields till the sun went down
He would crack his whip that he made himself
At those mules as he would cut down the hay
Ridin' on a cycle or an old hay rake
Leavin' a trail of tobacco juice
All the way. 
May, Sam Henry Merl (I16414)
97 PEDI birth STINSON, Effa Eldora (I14714)
98 PEDI birth ABERCROMBIE, Robert Young (I14715)
99 PEDI birth McALISTER, Frances Lorraine (Fannie) (I14716)
100 PEDI birth ABERCROMBIE, Andrew Jackson (I14717)

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