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Johnson County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldridge, Joseph Robert  10 Sep 1879Johnson County, Kentucky I23376
2 Caudill, Henry Martin  10 Nov 1873Johnson County, Kentucky I23341
3 Caudill, Jasper Cleveland  Aug 1885Johnson County, Kentucky I23365
4 Caudill, Malta Emzie  18 Feb 1895Johnson County, Kentucky I23391
5 Caudill, Mary Alifair  Dec 1870Johnson County, Kentucky I23339
6 Caudill, Phoebe  23 May 1883Johnson County, Kentucky I23347
7 Caudill, Winston C. "Wince"  7 Sep 1847Johnson County, Kentucky I16614
8 Connelly, Thomas B. III  1812Johnson County, Kentucky I2031
9 Harrison, David  Abt 1837Johnson County, Kentucky I24051
10 Lemaster, Amanda  1864Johnson County, Kentucky I2359
11 Lemaster, Christopher  1869Johnson County, Kentucky I2361
12 Lemaster, Eleanor  2 May 1830Johnson County, Kentucky I7384
13 Lemaster, Eliza Jane  Mar 1862Johnson County, Kentucky I2358
14 Lemaster, John  Dec 1865Johnson County, Kentucky I2360
15 Lemaster, Martha E.  1869Johnson County, Kentucky I2362
16 Lemaster, Rachel  1873Johnson County, Kentucky I2363
17 Lemaster, William  1877Johnson County, Kentucky I2364
18 May, Pharmer  9 Sep 1858Johnson County, Kentucky I16401
19 Murry, Alie  May 1890Johnson County, Kentucky I2386
20 Murry, Clinton  Oct 1870Johnson County, Kentucky I2382
21 Murry, Drusilla Jane  Aug 1874Johnson County, Kentucky I2384
22 Murry, Elizabeth  1877Johnson County, Kentucky I2385
23 Murry, Thomas H.  Dec 1872Johnson County, Kentucky I2383
24 Murry, Victoria  1868Johnson County, Kentucky I2381
25 Salyer, Anna  May 1829Johnson County, Kentucky I7398
26 Salyer, Benjamin  Jun 1837Johnson County, Kentucky I7406
27 Salyer, Benjamin  27 May 1853Johnson County, Kentucky I7151
28 Salyer, Benjamin F.  15 Mar 1849Johnson County, Kentucky I7376
29 Salyer, David Jackson  31 Jul 1827Johnson County, Kentucky I7383
30 Salyer, Elmira  1867Johnson County, Kentucky I2349
31 Salyer, General  Abt 1843Johnson County, Kentucky I7131
32 Salyer, Henry Jackson  16 Jul 1861Johnson County, Kentucky I7394
33 Salyer, Hezekiah  1 Apr 1857Johnson County, Kentucky I7392
34 Salyer, Jacob  1846Johnson County, Kentucky I7375
35 Salyer, Jacob  1865Johnson County, Kentucky I7395
36 Salyer, James C.  14 Feb 1871Johnson County, Kentucky I2351
37 Salyer, Joseph  Oct 1855Johnson County, Kentucky I7391
38 Salyer, Levi  Jun 1837Johnson County, Kentucky I7408
39 Salyer, Levi Francis  28 Aug 1848Johnson County, Kentucky I7386
40 Salyer, Levica  1849Johnson County, Kentucky I7387
41 Salyer, Lucinda  1840Johnson County, Kentucky I7410
42 Salyer, Lydia B.  1872Johnson County, Kentucky I7396
43 Salyer, Malissa  Abt 1844Johnson County, Kentucky I7132
44 Salyer, Margaret  1848Johnson County, Kentucky I7432
45 Salyer, Martha C.  26 Nov 1859Johnson County, Kentucky I2345
46 Salyer, Mary Ann  Oct 1843Johnson County, Kentucky I7413
47 Salyer, Mary Jane  4 Mar 1859Johnson County, Kentucky I7393
48 Salyer, Melissa M.  1869Johnson County, Kentucky I2350
49 Salyer, Nancy E.  Jun 1876Johnson County, Kentucky I7397
50 Salyer, Newcarius  1832Johnson County, Kentucky I7400

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Caudill, Henry Martin  30 Apr 1959Johnson County, Kentucky I23341
2 Caudill, John  15 Apr 1891Johnson County, Kentucky I16743
3 Connelly, Thomas B. III  1885Johnson County, Kentucky I2031
4 Fugate, Nancy  Johnson County, Kentucky I24050
5 Price, Jesse  Johnson County, Kentucky I7192
6 Rice, Martin R.  19 Jan 1897Johnson County, Kentucky I23906
7 Salyer, Benjamin Franklin "Squire Ben"  21 Apr 1908Johnson County, Kentucky I6694
8 Salyer, Benjamin Henderson  27 Mar 1930Johnson County, Kentucky I7366
9 Salyer, Christine  7 Aug 1877Johnson County, Kentucky I7359
10 Salyer, David Jackson  4 May 1903Johnson County, Kentucky I7383
11 Salyer, Eliza L.  Aft 1900Johnson County, Kentucky I2447
12 Salyer, Elizabeth  1868Johnson County, Kentucky I7352
13 Salyer, Henderson  Sep 1840Johnson County, Kentucky I7358
14 Salyer, Katherine  1868Johnson County, Kentucky I2448
15 Salyer, Levi  May 1845Johnson County, Kentucky I6677
16 Salyer, Levi "Beecher"  31 Jul 1927Johnson County, Kentucky I6681
17 Salyer, Levi Francis  Apr 1929Johnson County, Kentucky I7386
18 Salyer, Lucinda  Abt 1873Johnson County, Kentucky I7129
19 Salyer, Martha  Johnson County, Kentucky I6693
20 Salyer, Nancy  5 Sep 1854Johnson County, Kentucky I6670
21 Salyer, Naomi  Johnson County, Kentucky I7364
22 Salyer, Samuel P.  19 Sep 1904Johnson County, Kentucky I7426
23 Salyer, Sophia  Abt 1885Johnson County, Kentucky I7127
24 Salyer, Susanna  1887Johnson County, Kentucky I2423
25 Salyer, Susie  28 Jun 1936Johnson County, Kentucky I5858
26 Salyer, Thomas James  10 Jun 1877Johnson County, Kentucky I2329
27 Salyer, Zachariah Benjamin  1845Johnson County, Kentucky I7288
28 Saylor, Mary  Aft 1812Johnson County, Kentucky I7289
29 Stapleton, Allen  Aft 1900Johnson County, Kentucky I6673
30 Stapleton, Elizabeth  Abt 1892Johnson County, Kentucky I6691
31 Stapleton, Joseph  Aft 1900Johnson County, Kentucky I6690
32 Travis, Ethal  16 Jan 1965Johnson County, Kentucky I23384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Prater, Nancy  1850Johnson County, Kentucky I24111


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Caudill / Travis  10 Feb 1916Johnson County, Kentucky F9191
2 Conley / Salyer  10 Feb 1859Johnson County, Kentucky F2707
3 Fairchild / Salyer  16 Feb 1857Johnson County, Kentucky F2706
4 Harrison / Salyer  2 Jul 1866Johnson County, Kentucky F9492
5 Hitchcock / Salyer  21 Apr 1856Johnson County, Kentucky F2603
6 Lemaster / Salyer  30 Mar 1861Johnson County, Kentucky F911
7 Murry / Salyer  14 Nov 1866Johnson County, Kentucky F913
8 Rice / Salyer  19 Feb 1866Johnson County, Kentucky F2611
9 Salyer / Cantrell  12 Apr 1859Johnson County, Kentucky F2710
10 Salyer / McKenzie  1 Feb 1858Johnson County, Kentucky F2705
11 Salyer / McKenzie  17 Dec 1874Johnson County, Kentucky F2438
12 Salyer / Salyer  3 Apr 1866Johnson County, Kentucky F910
13 Salyer / Stapleton  27 Sep 1853Johnson County, Kentucky F2436
14 Salyer / Sturgill  13 Apr 1850Johnson County, Kentucky F907
15 Salyer / Whitely  19 Jan 1854Johnson County, Kentucky F908
16 Sparks / Salyer  14 Dec 1859Johnson County, Kentucky F912
17 Stambaugh / Caudill  24 Dec 1909Johnson County, Kentucky F9195