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Russell County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addington, Charles Cromwell Jr.  15 Nov 1807Russell County, Virginia I28092
2 Addington, Cynthia  21 Nov 1802Russell County, Virginia I17293
3 Addington, Margaret  28 Feb 1797Russell County, Virginia I28121
4 Addington, Mary E.  6 Feb 1810Russell County, Virginia I28093
5 Burke, Isaiah Nathaniel  23 Dec 1862Russell County, Virginia I2126
6 Burton, Mary "Polly"  16 Dec 1815Russell County, Virginia I7124
7 Charles, Frederick  1806Russell County, Virginia I30671
8 Howard, Elizabeth  Abt 1783Russell County, Virginia I5529
9 Howard, William  Between 1783 and 1785Russell County, Virginia I6815
10 Jackson, Jane  1838Russell County, Virginia I6419
11 Kilgore, John  1799Russell County, Virginia I17292
12 May, John  2 Aug 1802Russell County, Virginia I16666
13 Nickels, Allen  Abt 1812Russell County, Virginia I7318
14 Nickels, Cinderella  1809Russell County, Virginia I7346
15 Patrick, Jeremiah F.  1738Russell County, Virginia I16616
16 Raney, Nancy  1778Russell County, Virginia I2451
17 Salyer, Abel Alderson  Abt 1848Russell County, Virginia I2116
18 Salyer, Benjamin Franklin  23 Dec 1881Russell County, Virginia I6736
19 Salyer, Catherine  1794Russell County, Virginia I7353
20 Salyer, David  1785Russell County, Virginia I6813
21 Salyer, David J.  1838Russell County, Virginia I6707
22 Salyer, Dicy  1826Russell County, Virginia I7189
23 Salyer, Eli S.  1814Russell County, Virginia I7310
24 Salyer, Eliza Ann "Sissy"  1866Russell County, Virginia I6718
25 Salyer, Eliza L.  Nov 1836Russell County, Virginia I2447
26 Salyer, Elizabeth  1790Russell County, Virginia I7352
27 Salyer, Ephraim  Nov 1840Russell County, Virginia I2347
28 Salyer, Hannah  27 Mar 1799Russell County, Virginia I7378
29 Salyer, Henderson  1832Russell County, Virginia I2336
30 Salyer, Henry M.  1844Russell County, Virginia I6728
31 Salyer, Hester Jane  Abt 1855Russell County, Virginia I6704
32 Salyer, Isaiah Jr  1795Russell County, Virginia I3823
33 Salyer, Isaiah  1814Russell County, Virginia I2541
34 Salyer, Jacob  1798Russell County, Virginia I7367
35 Salyer, John  1810Russell County, Virginia I6696
36 Salyer, John  Abt 1858Russell County, Virginia I6705
37 Salyer, John Burton  20 Nov 1854Russell County, Virginia I6731
38 Salyer, John M.  1832Russell County, Virginia I2427
39 Salyer, John Wesley  15 Mar 1839Russell County, Virginia I2200
40 Salyer, Jonathan  1785Russell County, Virginia I2426
41 Salyer, Jonathan George  1846Russell County, Virginia I6729
42 Salyer, Jonathon Henry  Abt 1835Russell County, Virginia I2446
43 Salyer, Joseph  1805Russell County, Virginia I7418
44 Salyer, Katherine  Abt 1839Russell County, Virginia I2448
45 Salyer, Lavisa J.  1849Russell County, Virginia I6730
46 Salyer, Livisa E. "Visy"  1869Russell County, Virginia I6720
47 Salyer, Lucinda  Abt 1841Russell County, Virginia I7129
48 Salyer, Luvicia Jane  23 Apr 1846Russell County, Virginia I2114
49 Salyer, Lydia  1840Russell County, Virginia I6708
50 Salyer, Margaret "Peggy"  1797Russell County, Virginia I7259

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (--?--), (--?--)  Nov 1859Russell County, Virginia I2081
2 Carty, Mary  1870Russell County, Virginia I2078
3 Charles, Sarah  Russell County, Virginia I30677
4 Charles, Sarah  1810Russell County, Virginia I30658
5 Clayton, Winnifred Minnie (Cleaton)  1813Russell County, Virginia I17312
6 Culbertson, Tyree  12 Nov 1850Russell County, Virginia I7303
7 Salyer, David  1854Russell County, Virginia I6700
8 Salyer, Isaiah "Still"  1 Dec 1818Russell County, Virginia I2076
9 Salyer, John  1883Russell County, Virginia I7264
10 Salyer, John Harlan  10 Jan 1910Russell County, Virginia I6800
11 Salyer, Jonathan  1845Russell County, Virginia I2426
12 Salyer, Jonathan  1887Russell County, Virginia I6799
13 Salyer, Sarah  1853Russell County, Virginia I6790
14 Salyer, William  20 Dec 1881Russell County, Virginia I2095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Patrick, Jeremiah F.  1810Russell County, Virginia I16616


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Addington / Doaty  2 Jan 1802Russell County, Virginia F6224
2 Burke / Salyer  18 Jul 1884Russell County, Virginia F853
3 Jackson / Salyer  Abt 1800Russell County, Virginia F2432
4 Kilgore / Salyer  1788Russell County, Virginia F2713
5 May / Adams  3 Mar 1821Russell County, Virginia F6003
6 Ogle / Salyer  1817Russell County, Virginia F2696
7 Porter / Salyer  29 Jun 1855Russell County, Virginia F867
8 Salyer / Burton  1838Russell County, Virginia F2601
9 Salyer / Carty  1825Russell County, Virginia F2437
10 Salyer / Castle  Bef 1844Russell County, Virginia F845
11 Salyer / Castle  29 Dec 1855Russell County, Virginia F2477
12 Salyer / Castle  13 Feb 1857Russell County, Virginia F858
13 Salyer / Castle  19 May 1861Russell County, Virginia F851
14 Salyer / Castle  1 Sep 1885Russell County, Virginia F848
15 Salyer / Green  1825Russell County, Virginia F860
16 Salyer / Johnson  25 Jan 1865Russell County, Virginia F2653
17 Salyer / Phillips  15 Mar 1855Russell County, Virginia F2686
18 Salyer / Salyer  1825Russell County, Virginia F2709
19 Salyer / Salyer  1833Russell County, Virginia F2442
20 Salyer / Salyer  4 Oct 1867Russell County, Virginia F2446
21 Salyer / Salyer  4 Jul 1882Russell County, Virginia F856
22 Salyer / Salyer  8 Nov 1882Russell County, Virginia F844
23 Salyer / Salyer  4 Feb 1891Russell County, Virginia F846
24 Stanley / Rose  4 Apr 1911Russell County, Virginia F880
25 Stapleton / Salyer  1832Russell County, Virginia F2434
26 Stapleton / Salyer  31 Dec 1857Russell County, Virginia F2444